1. The rapid development of biomedical technologies, actively intruding into the life of a modern person from birth to death, as well as the inability to get an answer to the moral problems arising from this within the framework of traditional medical ethics, cause serious concern in society.

    2. Andrea Yelp

    1. Unfortunately, deontology cannot provide any meaningful certainty on many issues of today and centuries ago (for example, on the ethical aspects of abortion, euthanasia, Cialis pills, experiments in the treatment of patients).

    2. Jin Google

    1. unwillingness of citizens to take care of their own health, lack of effective activities to educate the population, indifference of society to medical problems, unwillingness to treat the elderly, lack of serious medical science, false idea of ​​the role of money in medicine, the problem of abortion, demographic problem, low qualification of a doctor, low qualification of secondary medical staff, understaffing of medical institutions.

    2. Haruna Google

    1. There is an opinion that loyalty to the doctrine of the sanctity of human life from its very origins ("I swear ... to show the highest respect for human life" - see "Doctor's Oath") is incompatible with the recognition of a woman's freedom of choice to control the fate of the fetus.

    2. Anne Yelp

    1. The wide spread and justification of abortion in modern society, according to some people, is a threat to the future of humanity and is a sign of moral degradation. The doctor traditionally enjoys a special status in any society, and high ethical and legal requirements are imposed on him.

    2. The social status of a doctor in USA is controversial. It should be recognized that the level of qualifications and the hardships of labor does not correspond to the amount of material


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For example, doctors often work long hours, renormalized, on an inflexible schedule, and cialis pills less than other professionals whose education is comparable in duration and complexity.

It is generally accepted that a "real" doctor is a standard for the general public in matters of not only health protection (for example, he must not smoke, not drink alcoholic beverages, lead an active lifestyle, eat right), but also morality. There is an opinion that a doctor should be completely devoted to the cause of Medicine, merciful, demanding of himself, modest in everyday life and needs, sober in assessments, to show strength of mind and decisiveness in difficult life situations.

Cialis medicine, as a branch of human activity, occupies a very special place because science is combined in it with values, an approach that have nothing to do with science. The medical approach is based on compassion - a human approach outside of which medicine does not exist at all. However, compassion does not mean sentimentality. It is a creative responsiveness to the patient's suffering and situation. The response is creative enough to motivate the physician to take action based on respect for the individual and the importance of that individual.


The reform of the domestic health care system involves bringing medical care closer to the patient at the prehospital stage. The huge number of polyclinics built in the past years, thousands of trained doctors and nurses have not significantly improved the quality of diagnosis and treatment.


The local therapist, who has a heavy workload and does not have a modern material and technical base, has turned into a dispatcher who sends a patient either to “narrow” specialists, or to hospitalization.

The doctor shared responsibility for the patient with many specialists

as a result, qualifications decreased, professional interest and prestige fell

The problems faced by the local doctor reduce the quality of his medical activity and satisfaction with his work

Loss of time allotted for direct communication with the patient due to


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